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Sharing My Book reviews from current & favorite reads

Paranoid by Lisa Jackson

From the beginning of this book, you are entranced by finding out that a teenage girl, Rachel, is broken by her past, unable to focus a single day without thinking about it at least once. Yet she still forces herself back into the memory by bringing herself back to the scene to relive it all again day after day. It impacts her marriage, children, parents and the entire small town that she still choose to resides in.

After the tragedy of losing a family member, the story follows the direct and extended family members that were directly affected by the loss. All while still not fully understanding what happened that night so long ago, we also are introduced to a new set of crimes marking the 20th anniversary of the loss. This book will have you turning page after page to figure out who committed this terrible crime, and who will pay the ultimate price for it.

Lies, Lies, Lies by Adele Parks