Chicago Neighborhood Feelz

I have always lived right next to the lake since living in Chicago. Coming from the state of 10,000 lakes I think it’s just something that I now long for wherever I live. Living along Lake Shore Drive has been incredible for transportation, restaurants and bars, shops and everything in between. I have actually always lived in the same neighborhood-ish since I moved here 6+ years ago.

I started out in East Boystown, which is in Lakeview, for a couple of years in a classic brick stone high rise building. I literally stepped out my door to tons of shops and restaurants and just pure energy from the community. That’s definitely something I appreciated most, the vibe from this neighborhood.

Eventually I needed more space and was looking for a nicer newer building. Wanting to stay along Lake Shore Drive means lots of $$, so I headed a bit more north to the condo building I have now been in for over 3 years. I am at the north tip of Lakeview so I still get a bit of that energy but there are not quite as many shops out my door.

We have a great view south to the city, with a sliver of the lake view from our bedroom.



I am in high rise surrounded by the feel of a smaller neighborhood. There are high rises along Lake Shore Drive, but there are smaller condo buildings littered throughout the side streets.


There are MASSIVE houses where I live, I mean huge. It’s a great combination of city and neighborhood, with all of the shops and bars only a couple blocks away.

IMG-3601IMG-3607 (1)IMG-3610 (1)IMG-3604IMG-3612IMG-3606IMG-3616

The beach, dog park and numerous athletic fields/parks are right on the other side of the highway which are amazing in the summer. Bagel loves going to the huge dog park on Montrose beach, and we love lounging in the sun at the beach and at the beachfront restaurant & bar. Bagel can even go with us to the bar on the beach, what could be better?!



One thought on “Chicago Neighborhood Feelz

  1. Love this Chicago post! The city has such unique neighborhoods. I used to live in the South Loop and now live in North Center and they couldn’t be more different. It’s almost like I moved to a new city! Can’t wait to spend summer at your pool!


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