Restaurant Week 2019

One of the many cool things that Chicago does every year is hosting a Restaurant Week for a gazillion great restaurants cross the city. Participating restaurants select a Lunch and Dinner menu that includes three course meal options, and if you’re extra lucky you’ll find one that includes a drink ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our blogger group, @chicitygirls, was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with two fantastic restaurants to preview their menus and check out their space. Each of them had their own unique features to offer that made them stand out from other places in the city, at least in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s start with Barrio.

Barrio is located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago and is known for their upscale Mexican cuisine and experience. The rustic-industrial vibe is felt throughout the restaurant, from the bar when you first enter throughout the dining area and even into the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom was lit. Literally, lit up by a disco ball.

The food was delicious. They actually served the entire group the entirety of the restaurant week menu. We all got to try a bite of everything and even with my very small, picky pallet, I was beyond stuffed by the end.

The cocktails though, are the true belle of this dance. We all started with margaritas that went down way too easy and then some of us ventured to trying the Paloma. Oh my god did we get to try it. The size was insane, and the taste was nothing short of tequila perfection.

IMG_3284ย .ย IMG_3179

Now, onto Taste 222.

Taste 222 turned out being one of the coolest spaces I’ve encountered in Chicago.ย Their rustic-elegant decor surrounded the space with 3 versions of massive chandeliers, various adorably decorated nooks, a secret place customers can rent out called “the room” (complete with its own private bar), the main bar that sat in the center of the restaurant with marble countertops, all topped off with an insane game screen wall in the back.

IMG_3249_Facetune_02-02-2019-10-05-11ย ย IMG_323310755779600_IMG_2766ย (Kristen and I at The Room’s private bar)

The menu had a great variety and the food was delicious. I branched out from my usual small pallet and I have to say, I was pretty damn proud of myself!

IMG_3257ย ย img_3271-e1549215914458.jpg

Overall, both of these restaurants will absolutely be on my list to go back to. I loved their unique decor vibes and the cocktails/food were the cherry on top to a great experience.



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