Chicago Bloggers Brunch & Shop


This event was SO much fun and such a huge success!! A few of the most amazing Chicago bloggers hosted an event where they brought in items from their closets and sold them all for $5, $10 or $20 each!

To make it even better, they supplied brunch and mimosas! The event was sponsored by Bombobar so we had amazing donuts and coffee to enjoy!

I personally stayed clear of the treats and focused on the goods! There were so many bloggers there, way more than I expected!!

The bloggers hosting the event were SO nice and beyond sweet. It was so cool meeting some of the girls I follow daily, I feel like I already knew them! Crazy, right? Oh well.

As you can see in my pic, I scored BIG. All of those clothes for only $95!!!

This was such a great success, I really hope they continue to happen in Chicago! Huge shoutout to @champagnegetaway for organizing the event!

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