Comfy weekends

Pretty much nothing better than having a relaxing morning on the weekends. I’m nothing close to a morning person. For the last two years I’ve been so sick with my Fibro that all I can do is rest on the weekends and I wouldn’t get out of bed until into the afternoon. But that’s starting to change now that I’m getting my strength and health back!

Camo is my obsession lately. All of it. Shirts, shorts, pants, leggings. Everything. So I have started to slowly fill my closet with pieces I’m finding that aren’t breaking the bank (on a bit of a spending halt since my most recent purchase lol).

Both of these outfits are super affordable and I love how comfy the are!!

The pale pink camo shorts, light brown sweatshirt and brown socks are a 3-piece from Target! I love that it all came together. Each piece is SO soft. The shorts do run pretty large for whatever reason. But the sweatshirt runs normal so it’s kind of give or take there! The socks are nice  and cozy – not too tight which I hate with longer socks. The pajama sets come in a bunch of different colors and prints too so if camo isn’t your jam, you’ll still find something!

The cam joggers are from Tj Maxx and could not be softer. They have two pockets and a drawstring waist, so pretty much perfection. Did I mention how soft they are?

Comfy clothes FTW.

Outfit details: