Fall Shoes!


Anyone else obsessed with shoe changes throughout seasons?! Loving the Fall styles that are out this year!

Especially liking the mule style with no back. I feel like it can take so long to break in flats to where they don’t give you painful blisters!! Maybe thats just me haha.

I was able to grab the Kristin Cavallari pair on sale from Nordstrom right before they sold out in most sizes – but I’m sure there is a re-stock on the way because everyone seems to love them!

The comfiest pair of theses is definitely the Steve Maddens. No back and they didn’t give me toe blisters either – win!

The two pair of flats from Express are from last year so I will link similar. I love the strings on each pair and how they wrap around the feet/ankles. Such a cute style I really didn’t see as much this year. Probably because the style that ties up your leg never actually stays up LOL.

I haven’t worn the ones from SHEIN yet and it’s my first pair of shoes from that site so we shall see! They were a bit brighter of a yellow than I wanted, I was kind of hoping for more of a mustard look. So we shall see! Hopefully they don’t just make me look like Donald Duck 😀

Shoe details: