Last day of white!


So this is a late blog post but I had to rock the white jeans one last time before the Labor Day weekend! This was a super comfy work outfit that actually came together pretty cute!

The shirt’s white pocket is adorable, I am such a sucker for those little details! Its from SHEIN and was like $10 – such a good deal as always!

My jeans and flats are from my usual jean-go-to store, Express. Like I’ve said before they just seem to fit me the best – and Express always has great deals to go along with their products!

And my bag, well I am still obsessed and in love. It doesn’t fit my computer which I feel like is a blessing and a curse. I really want to use it everyday but I can’t. Which is ultimately probably a good thing to reduce its wear and tear. But I’m torn!

Outfit details: