My first LV bag!

People laugh when I tell them that this purchase is accomplishing a goal. It really is! I have wanted and dreamed of having a Louis Vuitton bag for YEARS and now I am finally financially successful and stable enough to buy one on my own – I consider that a win and an accomplishment!

I am obsessed over this bag. I did NOT want the Never Full bag because seriously everyone and their mom has it. I wanted something unique, classic and beautiful. I found it! I love the gold V that marks the front of the purse, its so unique from other LV bags. Apparently this is an “iconic” Louis according to my sales lady.

The straps are a huge plus. You can use the crossbody strap for an easy carry, or remove the strap and use the two side handles! I like that when you are using the crossbody strap, you are able to tuck the two side handles into the sides of the purse so they are out of sight.

The two side pockets of this purse are clutch. I love them for throwing my phone or keys in quickly. The inside of the bag is a cute blush velvet that again, I haven’t really seen in many LV bags.

Overall, I couldn’t be more excited that I was finally able to make this purchase – and I know its a bag I will have for years and years.

My bag can be found here!