Jumpsuits + Stripes


Its no secret that I am obsessed with jumpsuits. So comfy, so cute, and I love not having to wear jeans in the summer. This jumpsuit just rose to my top favs that I got from Tj Maxx this weekend.

Okay I love Tj Maxx. Lets just establish that right now. They have the most random adorable clothes finds just hanging on racks when I walk by, calling out to me. I can get things for my home, my dog, my self and even my husband! Not to mention, all for like dirt cheap. But still not terrible quality either, which is hella important obviously.

This jumpsuit has really fun detailing with the stripes design. Its not just straight down stripes (which I also have a version of don’t worry), it actually varies its pattern which I really like. The gold Tory Burch sandals are from seasons ago but still love them to brighten up an outfit that is hard to match.

Outfit details: