Short hair. Hate to love it.


Yay for a new haircut! Hair for me has never been a fun subject. My hair is



not full

In short – its tough to work with. I’ve never been able to grow my hair out long and beautiful. I’ve never had a full or thick ponytail. I’ve never taken longer than 5 minutes to dry my hair.

To some, that might sound like a dream. Dry hair in 5 minutes?! Yeah, great. It dries fast, but then I can’t do anything with it unless I add in a ton of product.

I have finally gotten use to having short hair. Being the girlfriend with the hair that will never have big beautiful curls. Being the friend the has the short hair in the group picture. Whatever – it is what it is right!

So I try to focus on the benefits – like its incredibly lax care routine. I don’t use that much shampoo or conditioner. My hair doesn’t add weight or heat to my neck in the summer. Yeah, its a stretch to find reasons to love short hair. But hey, here we are!