Wedding Caterer Tasting Night!


I think one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is getting to try out all of the food and sweets beforehand – its like a free perk people forget about! We decided to do a station-style reception because we really wanted to keep things low-key and not quite as formal. We just aren’t formal dinner people ๐Ÿ˜‰ So we searched all over this amazing city for the caterer that fit our needs and wants and got SO lucky!

Chicago is known for its food. We have more restaurants, diners, stores and quick bite stops than any other city I’ve been to. Walk out any door, and food is surely only a block away -ifย  that!

So we asked for our friends’ advice, got some catering companies nailed down, and then compared food and costs. We landed with Zia’s Lago in Lakeview.


This is the dress I wore the night we got to do our caterer tasting event at the restaurant, to try out what dishes we wanted to serve. We got to try 3 salads, 3 appetizers and 5 full size entrees – thank god for a loose dress!

This dress is one of my favorites from a trip to New York I had for work last summer. Sadly I can’t find it to link it, but the style with shorts underneath and a big bellowing skirt is so dang cute! It makes a statement everywhere you walk and I got so many compliments!

Yay wedding fun!!

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